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Faded Sandpaper


Faded Sandpaper

Pad for Pad: Power of Informed Choice 

For every EcoFemme Pad you buy from our range, you are supporting an adolescent person in India with the opportunity to attend a workshop on menstrual health and the chance to choose washable cloth pads through the Pad for Pad program.

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Supporting Handloom Artisans

All our Yaazh Yoga Mats are handmade by a unit of 100 handloom artisans in rural Tamil Nadu, India. By buying our natural, handmade yoga mats, you are contributing to keeping alive these artisans' skilled professions for them to continue to lead their lives with dignity.

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Environmentally friendly products

1 disposal pad = 4 plastic bags = 800 years in landfill. By using reusable pads, you are making an informed choice to sustainable menstrual hygiene practices. Also, all our Yoga mats are non-toxic and biodegradable with no PVC, no foam. All cotton used in our product range is GOTS certified.