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Guarantee & Warranty

There are no warranty / grantees for all products. All products are handmade and are to be used as per the care instructions. Extensive quality checks are taken at each stage of manufacturing and also before product dispatch.

Postal damage will be covered by Australia Post Extra Cover for free below $100 and if purchased when order value is above $100.

Long life care & protectors

Due to the array of different Sustainable, natural material and herbal dyed products we offer, you will find the Product Care instructions within each of your purchases.

Please hold on to these instructions for reference.

Please email us at contact@peacockspeaks.com.au if you require a refresher on your particular item's care instructions.

If washing / drying method or another rubber treatment for yoga mats is used on your purchase product from Peacock Speaks which has not been recommended by use, and results in discolouring, increased wearing or any other damages to the materials, we cannot accept responsibility. 

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If you have any other questions or queries which are not answered here, please get in touch with us at: contact@peacockspeaks.com.au