Social Impact: Supporting Handloom Artisans

The cities of India have been flourishing in the past 50 years with white-collar jobs and technological growth. The same cannot be said to rural  India, where people have been pushed against their will to enter white-collar jobs regardless of their passions or natural skills. This is in a bid to uplift their socio-economic status and obtain greater financial independence. 

The concept of minimum wages is not commonly followed by many employers, and it is not uncommon to hear cases of wage theft and abuse of employment in many Asian countries. This is why it is critical to research source manufacturers who treat both their employees and contractors above and beyond the minimum standards. 


Yaazh is a Eco-Yoga Mat Manufacturer located in Southern India. We have partnered with them for Distribution in Australia. Yaazh works in partnership with Handloom Artisans such that the Handloom Artisans can set the price they will work for. This is respectful for their work and skill and they can sustain their profession in a dignified manner. 

Every order placed within India or abroad greatly supports their skill and profession. 

Watch below video to learn more about Yaazh & the Handloom Artisans: