About Peacock Speaks

We are Peacock Speaks. An emerging Social Enterprise, founded by a family passionate about healthy, sustainable living and social impact based in Melbourne, Australia. 

We have been personally using the Eco Femme reusable pads products for four years. We are so glad we found these products able to manage our menstruation sustainably. With a fervent desire to share with others, we started this social impact centred business. Eco Femme aligned with our values of all-round sustainability, including empowered menstrual education and local employment.

As ardent yoga practitioners, we were uneasy about the mainstream and commonly used yoga mats, as they are mostly made out of PVC, foam, and synthetic rubber mixes. The lifetime of these synthetic mats made out of PVC or foam is extremely short. They start to fray, brittle after extensive daily use, and users have no choice but to dispose of them in landfill bins.

In our search to find the same kind of yoga mats used thousands of years ago by the ancient yogis, we found our range of natural, 100% biodegradable yoga mats. Woven by handloom artisans in rural Southern India, we were ecstatic to partner with them to support their skilled professions. The local procurement of natural materials, including GOTS cotton, further aligned with our values.

We love the feel of the mats and the satisfaction we have by using sustainable products, and we hope to share and spread sustainable living as well. We are strong supporters of handloom artisans, and we are currently ideating on how to support them further in keeping their art and profession financially viable.

Yoga by the Ocean